Welcome, Kursus Organizers!

Hello Kursus Organizers!

Welcome to JoinKursus.com. Here we will brief you on what is JoinKursus.com, how you can use it and where to start.

JoinKursus is an online marketplace for…..Kursus.

As the name suggests, here the products on sale are Kursus. This includes, seminars, workshops, school holiday camps, short classes and etc.
JoinKursus is like a shopping mall, where the sellers are Kursus organizers, and the shoppers are the Kursus participants. Think of it like Lazada or Amazon, but for Kursus.

No more cumbersome registration and payment processes.

Registered organizers will only need to list their Kursus offerings on JoinKursus.com, and let the website take care of the registration and payment process. You will be prompted when someone purchased your Kursus and will get their registration info automatically.
You no longer have to answer calls/emails/sms for registration and go back-and-forth asking for payments and confirming from the bank account.

It’s FREE to use JoinKursus, but we take commission from sales.

It’s free for organizers to use JoinKursus as long as you’re not charging for Kursus.
There are NO monthly charges, NO enrollment costs and NO setup fees.
We use commission model, where we only make money when you make money. Free kursus won’t be charged.
For every paid Kursus, JoinKursus will charge a 5% commission plus a payment processing fee.
To be clearer:

5% of Kursus price + payment processing fee (RM1.60 for FPX or 3.18% of Kursus price for credit/debit cards, per transaction)


If the Kursus price is RM100.00,
5% of RM100.00 is RM5.00,

  1. if participant paid using FPX (online banking like Maybank2u, CIMBCLicks), payment processing fee is RM1.60 per transaction,
    Kursus organizer will get RM100.00 – RM5.00 – RM1.60 = RM93.40 for that sale.
  2. if participant paid using credit/debit card (VISA or Mastercard), payment processing fee is 3.18% of RM100.00, RM3.18.
    Kursus organizer will get RM100.00 – RM5.00 – RM3.18 = RM91.82 for that sale

Please note that the payment processing fee is only charged once per transaction, regardless of how many tickets they bought in that transaction.

Register NOW, and list your Kursus away!

Register as Vendor (organizer) here, or if you have more questions, find the answers in our FAQ section. You can also get in touch with us here!

Good luck!!!