JoinKursus is an online marketplace where Kursus Organizers and Kursus Participants can list, browse and register for Kursus. We also serve as an online directory for Kursus in your area. We want to connect anyone who wishes to organize a Kursus and anyone with a desire to learn and participate in a Kursus.


Our Kursus Organizers add new Kursus all the time. To find Kursus that are right for you, just use the three easy filters on the home page: Kursus Category, Location and Date of the Kursus. You will find available Kursus for you instantly.


Absolutely anyone can create a Kursus! JoinKursus was built to allow anyone to organize Kursus and share their knowledge, interest and passion. All you need to do is list your Kursus and the details to get started!


It is free for Kursus Organizer to sign up and post a Kursus on JoinKursus. There is no monthly or setup fees. We only charge Kursus Organizer a Commission Fee from Kursus Fee when a Kursus Participant pays money to buy a ticket or register for your Kursus.
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