How to create a new Kursus?

To create and list your Kursus on, you need to first apply to become a vendor (organizer). To do this, just tick on “Apply to become vendor” in your “My Account” page.



Once you have been approved to become a vendor, you will see an additional section in your “My Account” page.
This section is where you can enter your Shop details, Add Product, Edit Product, and view your sales report.

Below is the step-by-step on how to create and list your Kursus:

1. Click on “Add New Product”. This will bring you to admin area where you will create the Kursus.

2. Fill up the Kursus Title in the Product Name field.

3. Then insert the description of the Kursus you are offering. You can style the description using formatting like Bold, Italic, and etc. You may as well insert images within the description. You can also embed YouTube videos by inserting this code:


4. After that, you need to select a category for your Kursus. This is important for visitors to find your Kursus when they search by the category.
5. Then insert a short description of your Kursus. This is not important, but can be useful to catch visitors’ attention.


6. In the Product Data section, make sure to check (tick) the “Virtual” and “Downloadable” boxes.
7. In the General tab, enter the fee you want to charge the participants. If you are holding a sale, you may enter the Sale price. You may also schedule the sale date if you wish to only give discounts for a certain period of time (i.e: Early bird discount)
For free Kursus, please enter the price as RM0.00.
8. Next, if you want to limit the number of seats, go to the Inventory tab, and check on the Manage stock box. Then, enter the number of seats you want to allow.
Leave the other fields as is.

9. After that, go to the Event tab, change it to Yes. Doing so will reveal additional fields used to create your Kursus.

10. Complete the following fields:

a. Date – The date that the event is scheduled to take place
b. Start time – The time that the event is scheduled to start
c. End time – The time that the event is scheduled to end
d. Venue – The venue where the event will be held
e. GPS Coordinates – The venue’s GPS coordinates
f. Google Map Coordinates – The GPS coordinates used to determine the pin position on the Google map that is displayed on the event page. NB: Please ensure you use the following format:

i. Example: -26.137600, 28.008141 (Important!)
ii. If necessary you can convert to this format using the following tool:

g. Directions – Text directions explaining how to find the venue
h. Phone – Event organizer’s landline or mobile phone number
i. Email – Event organizer’s email address

11. If you wish to capture the attendee’s details rather than the purchaser’s, please check “Capture individual attendee details?” box.
12. After that, please select the State where your Kursus will be held. This will help visitors who search for Kursus in specific states.

13. Next you need to add the main image for your product image.
14. If you have more images, you can add them to the product image gallery.

15. Last but least, don’t forget to “Publish” your Kursus when you are done!

Good luck!