JoinKursus is an online marketplace where Kursus Organizers and Kursus Participants can list, browse and register for Kursus. We also serve as an online directory for Kursus in your area. We want to connect anyone who wishes to organize a Kursus and anyone with a desire to learn and participate in a Kursus.
Mainly, we cater for offline Kursus. However, Kursus Organizers can still offer online Kursus to their participants using whatever means.
JoinKursus offers varied range of Kursus, including language, business, photography, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, robotic, marketing, investment, property, marriage, motivation, academic, religion, parenting, summer camp, etc. If there is a specific category of Kursus that you would like to participate in, do not hesitate to let us know by emailing us at hello@JoinKursus.com.


Our Kursus Organizers add new Kursus all the time. To find Kursus that are right for you, just use the three easy filters on the home page: Kursus Category, Location and Date of the Kursus. You will find available Kursus for you instantly.
Of course – it is easy to communicate with the particular Kursus Organizer. Simply ask in the comment section at the bottom of the Kursus page. Your question will be entertained by the Kursus Organizer shortly.
Yes, every Kursus is checked by the JoinKursus team before it is added to the Site. We check the content and personally connect with each Kursus Organizer to ensure that every Kursus meets our quality expectations. We also recommend and advise that you read the information provided on the JoinKursus’ site to make sure that the Kursus is what you are looking for.
Click on the “My Account” button on the JoinKursus homepage and click “connect via Facebook / Gmail” or fill in email and password to get started.
You can browse on the Site, find interesting Kursus and register for a Kursus even if you are not signed up or logged in with JoinKursus. On the other hand, only registered users will be able to view their purchase history, even organize their own Kursus.
The Kursus listed in JoinKursus are taught by experienced and/or certified Kursus Organizers, trainers, tutors, coaches, mentors, teachers, chefs, etc., as well as passionate and zealous individuals who want to share their experience and knowledge. Even though JoinKursus does not limit anyone from becoming a Kursus Organizer, we are very strict on the quality of Kursus that these Kursus Organizers may offer. In the event of any complaints or dispute regarding the Kursus from our Kursus Participants, we will do a serious investigation and will not hesitate to remove the Kursus and ban the Kursus Organizer from our listing.
Absolutely! We will validate the contact details of every registered Kursus Organizers in JoinKursus. Suspicious registrations will be removed straightaway.
Booking through JoinKursus gives you the benefits as follows:-

Convenience – JoinKursus provides a one-stop platform for all Kursus in your area. Thus, you can compare the Kursus offered by many Kursus Organizers at the same time, and make your choice at your own convenience.

Safety – We have your booking details on the Kursus you avail of. This information will be helpful for us if there are any disagreements and disputes as between the Kursus Participant and Kursus Organizer.

It is totally free to create an account with JoinKursus. You can browse and look for Kursus Organizers and Kursus that you are interested to participate in.
You need to pay the Total Kursus Fee, as set by the Kursus Organizer, plus a flat rate Booking Fee of RM 2.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two only) per transaction via JoinKursus’ secure online payment. We use SenangPay to handle all payment transactions. However, you do not need to have an account with SenangPay to use this service. Via SenangPay, you can make payment using online banking (CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB, Bank Islam and Ambank), as well as VISA and Mastercard credit or debit cards.
Right after you have made the payment to JoinKursus, you will receive a confirmation email from us, stating the date, time, details, amount paid and location of the Kursus. We highly advise you to print the confirmation email and bring it during your Kursus.
On each Kursus page, the location address and map of that Kursus is included in the information provided. Additionally, the confirmation email will include the exact address as well.
Affirmative, we take security very seriously! All credit/debit card transactions on JoinKursus are completed via SenangPay’s secure payment gateway system. SenangPay uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and GeoTrust security features for each transaction, and the system does not store sensitive data such as your credit/debit card details. Every transaction will require 6 digits 3D-secure code which will be sent to mobile phone for confirmation. Furthermore, SenangPay also have an internal Fraud Detection team.
Certainly! Just select the number of seats for the Kursus you wish to book from the Kursus page. You will then be asked to enter the details of the Kursus Participant(s) for that particular Kursus.
Yes, you should! Your review will help other participants to make better selections, and also for the Kursus Organizer to provide the best Kursus for you!


Absolutely anyone can create a Kursus! JoinKursus was built to allow anyone to organize Kursus and share their knowledge, interest and passion. All you need to do is list your Kursus and the details to get started!
Any knowledge, interest and passion can be turned into a meaningful Kursus. We recommend and advise that you start with something that you are comfortable and confident with. Email us at hello@JoinKursus.com for some interesting Kursus ideas.
The information listed on your Kursus page will build interest and awareness in your Kursus. Thus, information should be informative and complete, and should include high quality images to increase your probabilities of appealing to a wide audience. Do not forget to write about yourself on the “Shop Setting” page so that registrants will get to know you better!
You can share your Kursus on email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Telegram and other social networks. You can also share your Kursus in several Facebook Groups which are relevant to your niche. Last but not least, as your profile page has a fixed URL, you can also put the link on your business cards, banners and flyers.
Listing your Kursus and getting bookings via JoinKursus gives you the benefits as follows:

Online presence – It is very important as these days Kursus Participants like to search online for any Kursus available in their area. You do not need to worry if you do not have a website for your Kursus or there is limited number of people knowing your Facebook Fanpage because we will try our best to make your Kursus go viral in our community.

Peace of mind – Once you have listed your Kursus in JoinKursus, you can sit back and relax. We will handle the registration and payment collection for you.

Review and rating – This is very essential for your online reputation. It will definitely be a booster to your Kursus and your business.

Some of our marketing strategies to promote your Kursus are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), newsletter and many more!
It is totally free to sign up an account, list your Kursus and communicating on JoinKursus. You will only be charged when a participant book and make payment for your Kursus. JoinKursus will only charge a 5% Commission Fee from your Kursus fee, plus Payment Processing Fee of RM 1.60 per transaction via online banking (or 3.18% if via credit or debit card). We will only earn when you earn.
The system will send you an email for each reservation including the name of the participant
You can also view the list of bookings in your Organizer Dashboard.
There are no conventional rules for determining the appropriate cost of each Kursus or a suitable length. When making these decisions, you should reflect the nature of the Kursus and the target population, and set the price and duration accordingly. If there are costs involved in running your Kursus, the price per registrant should include these costs plus the amount of profit you wish to earn. You should also consider the JoinKursus 5% Commission Fee, Payment Processing Fee of RM 1.60 per transaction via online banking (or 3.18% if via credit or debit card), as well as any tax you may be liable to pay. Kursus Organizers are completely responsible for determining prices and JoinKursus will not get involved in such decisions.
Yes, you can. Our service is free for you if you wish to organize a free Kursus.
When you list your Kursus, you will have to fill in the maximum number of attendees. We do not offer an option to set a minimum number of participants as we believe that there is intrinsic value in running a Kursus even if registration is lower than you would anticipate since these participants will become your best spokespeople and will advocate others to join your future Kursus. They may even come back themselves.
You should try to avoid cancelling a Kursus or changing the date of a scheduled Kursus out of respect for the registrants. In the event that you absolutely need to critically cancel a Kursus, please contact us at hello@JoinKursus.com so that we can notify your participants as early as possible.


It is free for Kursus Organizer to sign up and post a Kursus on JoinKursus. There is no monthly or setup fees. We only charge Kursus Organizer a Commission Fee from Kursus Fee when a Kursus Participant pays money to buy a ticket or register for your Kursus.
Listing Kursus and advertising them on JoinKursus is totally free! JoinKursus only takes a 5% Commission Fee on the price of tickets which are sold on the Site.
JoinKursus only charge a flat rate Booking Fee of RM 2.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two only) per transaction. Free Kursus will not be charged a Booking Fee.
Kursus Organizer is completely responsible for paying tax on any revenue generated by ticket sales. When setting the price for your Kursus, please consider the tax into account.
Did not find the answer you are looking for? Contact us via chat or phone, or send an email to hello@JoinKursus.com.